Thoughtful and Practical Gifts for First Time Parents

Helping your friends or loved ones celebrate their first child’s upcoming birth can be a fun and exciting time. There is nothing compared to experiencing pregnancy for the first time, and allowing that excitement to bubble over is something that should be encouraged. 

If you are planning a baby shower gift for someone who is pregnant or just want to give them a gift that they will use, and not just sit in a cupboard, it pays to do some research into exactly what products are useful for new moms, be it their first baby or fifth! 

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Practical gifts for new parents

Photography Shoot

Capturing those first days, weeks, months of a new baby and how they change is something you can treasure for many years to come. Fun and unique photoshoots are becoming more and more popular, and you want to find a photographer who is on the same wavelength as the parents to help capture images that portray who they are as a family. Newborn baby pictures or a package that can be used for a baby’s first year or beyond is a thoughtful gift that any new parents will be grateful to receive. 

Feeding Supplies

Whether mom is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, topping up their supplies when it comes to feeding essentials for newborn babies is a super practical gift. Gifts like breast pumps, breast milk storage pods, nipple cream, feeding pillows, milk-savers, bottles, etc. Anything practical such as bibs and muslin squares will also be useful, and moms will use items time and time again.

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Essential Supplies

Sometimes, new moms are unaware of exactly what products will be useful for them. Different moms have different things they couldn’t live without, making it hard to know exactly what to buy.

A no-touch thermometer is handy to check a baby’s temperature without having to disturb them if they are sleeping. Nasal aspirators are again a vital tool. Babies cannot blow their own noses, and there is nothing fun about a snuffly baby, so having this piece of kit to be able to suction the baby’s nose will be a godsend for when they do pick up a cold.

Diaper cream, wet wipes, baby bath, moisturizer, and diapers are all handy practical gifts and made up into a hamper they will welcome in every new family no matter what else they have bought themselves!

Big Ticket Gifts

If you really want to splash out on an extra special gift, there are always items new parents will appreciate. From buying a crib to a dresser or baby bath, items that can be expensive will help new parents prepare without the expense.

Other useful big-ticket gift ideas include a car seat, first aid classes, stroller, and nursery furniture.


Giving the gift of your time to help look after the baby while parents rest, prepare meals, take on some chores are all fantastic ways to support new parents. In some ways, you can never be truly ready for the upheaval a new baby will have in your life when it comes to simple day to day activities. Offering support is just as valuable as offering gifts and is often more welcome than another cute baby outfit!

What other gifts would you recommend for a new parent? 

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