Stay Sane During Quarantine with These 6 Easy Tips

To think that less than a few months ago we were all making New Year’s resolutions to finally get our health in check, become the best versions of ourselves, and learn the powerful benefits of shame and vulnerability.

Or was that just me?

Whether you’re down with Brené Brown or are throwing the big middle finger to all the New Year’s mantras and goals, I think we can all agree on one thing: this month feels straight out of a sci-fi thriller.

It has only been a few weeks since the Coronavirus has shaken the core of the United States.

Small businesses have permanently shuttered their doors, hundreds of local conferences forced to cancel, and crowds of people left to fight over canned foods, eggs, and toilet paper.

On the flip side, I’ve held the warmest conversations with local families in the aisles of our neighborhood grocery store.

I’ve witnessed mothers rallying together online to provide breastmilk and formula for less-fortunate mamas, and a whole other level of compassion exhibited by fellow neighbors.

As we anxiously cling to the latest news report and the impact this hellacious virus is having on our communities, I ask you, dear mama, to remain hopeful, to focus on the positive, and to give back.

Here are six things you should do to stay mentally sound when under the Coronavirus quarantine.

Keep track of the positives

We will get through these times. It may be tough, but we will weather this storm and be stronger because of it. Every day try to write down something positive that has happened to you due to this pandemic.

Are you spending more time with your family? Catching up on old movies from your youth? Finally, organizing the hall closets? Eating all the Junior Mints your heart desires?

Write it down. It sets the tone for your day when you make time to note the positive things in your life. It is so easy to find the thorns; look for the silky rose petals.

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Remember others

Likely, we all have neighbors, friends, family members, and other individuals in your community who are struggling with the Coronavirus-induced quarantine especially, if they are prone to depression or anxiety.

Make a point to call them, text them, video chat, or drop off a letter with yummy treats in their mailbox. I have been going through all my Facebook friends and phone contacts each day and aiming to check in with a least 2-3 people from both my inner and extended circles.

The responses have been beautiful, and not one person has told me to “leave me the hell alone!” It’s a wonderful feeling, I tell ya!

Hey, love makes the world go ‘round, remember?

Get dressed every day

Do whatever helps you to feel good about yourself and ready for the day. I’m still taking my daily shower, brushing my hair, putting on my beauty balm-tinted face cream, chapstick, and yes, even mascara. Even though it is highly likely I won’t be seeing another non-family member for quite some time.

When you feel good about yourself, this directly impacts your thoughts, relationships, and everyday choices. Let’s strive for positivity people, even when times are tough.

It is mighty tempting to live in your pajamas for several weeks straight, but eventually, it will feel like Groundhog’s Day, and all your days will be a blur. Not such a good feeling, to be honest.

Go outside

If you’re stuck indoors, taking a break outside in nature and the fresh air can work wonders. You might have to steer clear from busy outdoor spaces, but you can still blow bubbles, draw chalk drawings on the driveway, fly a kite, or ride a bike.

By making free time a daily habit, it will help boost your mood and overall happiness. Let that serotonin flow, mama!

Take virtual field trips

Many museums, zoos, and other learning institutions offer free peeps into their facilities. From virtual museum tours to virtual field trips to the aquarium, and even the wonders of the world, this comprehensive list has you covered.

And this is not just for the kids! I’ve been having a blast checking out the Tudor-style homes in England and roaming the pyramids. It’s insanely awesome.

Who knew you could travel the world from your cheerio-infested couch?

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Readjust your expectations

Just because your kids are out of school doesn’t mean you have to go all Ms. Frizzle on them. Yes, learning is essential, but do not feel obligated to create all these elaborate education plans for your children.

Likely, your child’s school has a virtual education plan for them to follow. If not, don’t feel you have to become an official homeschool teacher and do all the things.

Secondly, it is hard having everyone home 24/7. Your house is going to be messier and dirtier than usual. Remember, just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean your home has to be spotless and organized. Please do your best and give you and your family grace.

I’m rooting for you, mama!

mental health sanity savers | close up of woman smiling

What has been working for you and your family during the COVID-19 quarantine? Share your story below!

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