10 Fun Halloween Costumes for the Baby in Your Life

Ermagerd?! I am super excited for Halloween this year, and it isn’t because my neighbors give out full-size candy bars or homemade pierogis (hey, we’re all Polish here in Chicago), it’s because it is the first time I get to deck out my mini-me, Violet, in her very own costume.

Cue: Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

My husband Jason, step-son Chris, and I have always been that cheesy family who loves donning funky garbs during the creepiest time of the year. Violet is unaware she participated in our Halloween get-up last year, a month before she made her debut. (see below). Thank god, she’s not old enough to hate us just yet!

This year I’ve compiled my all-time favorite Halloween costumes for the cute cultured babies in our lives.

As for Violet, let’s just say, her outfit will fit her personality “swimmingly.”

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1. Aspiring Astronaut

Astronaut Baby Costume


Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

2. Delicious Avocado

avocado baby costume


Carter’s Baby Boys’ Costumes (24 Months, Avocado)

3. America’s Next Chef

baby chef costumr


Baby Aspen Baby Chef Costume

4. Delectable Sushi

sozo sushi baby costume


Sozo Unisex-Baby Newborn Sushi Bodysuit and Cap Set

5. Vibrant Peacock

baby peacock costume


InCharacter Precious Peacock Infant Costume

6. Frolicking Mermaid

mermaid costume


Toddler Baby Girls Halter Bow Crop Top and Green Mesh Mermaid Skirt Swimsuit

7.  Blooming Flower

blooming flower baby costume


InCharacter Baby Blossom Costume

8. Mom’s BFF: Coffee

Cuddly coffee baby costume


Fun World Baby Girls’ Cuddly Cappuccino

9. Smarty Pants

Nerdy baby costume


Fun World Toddler Girls’ Cutie Pi Nerd Costume

10.  Bad to the Bone Biker

biker baby


InCharacter Baby Born to be Wild Biker Costume

What is your child going to dress up as for Halloween this year?


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Author: Brandi Wiatrak

Hey, Mama! I'm Violet's mom and Chris' step-mama, Brandi. This space is a peek into my cold-brew fueled life navigating motherhood and the world. With brutal honesty, humor, and sarcasm, I talk about the joys (and sucks) of parenting, ways to live a simple & sane life, and awesome adventures to embark on with your family. Come aboard my crazy train! Wine and Gerber Puffs included.

8 thoughts

    1. The avocado is my favorite too!! I was debating on dressing up as a slice of bread and my husband being a piece of bacon. A yummy sandwich family! Ha!


  1. That avocado costume would have been perfect for my little vegan baby! When my daughter was little I dressed her as a skeleton cause she was still so tiny lol. We love Halloween.


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