Field Trip & Activity: Adventures in the Local Library

There isn’t a better place to learn, interact, or escape to than the local library. From the interactive storytelling to hands-on STEM activities, the local library is the hip place to be for mothers and their kiddos.

Besides the obvious (hello, beautiful books!), most libraries have amazing play areas equipped with loads of puzzles, toys, and even mini-puppet show theaters. As your little ones let off some steam, you can talk with other moms about your lack of sleep, boob pains, and just how alert your little one is. You can’t beat it. Seriously, I have made more mom friends at the library than the local park! 

The local library in Riverside, Illinois

Some libraries even have art and historical collections. One of my past University classes went to the local library to look at manuscripts dating to the Middle Ages. Most of the time you have to pay a museum ticket to see these sort of things. Many libraries also hold free special events, from improv classes to genealogy club meet-ups to themed carnivals. 

Most libraries post a variety of educational events on their Facebook page, personal website, or in print flyers. Be sure to check with the librarian if your library doesn’t have an online presence. You and your babies can literally stay sane and cultured at your library without paying a dime. 

Additionally, if you can’t afford to explore the world, exploring libraries are the next best thing.

painting in the library

Heck, I have attended a month-long course on mindfulness and stress management at my local library……for free. I have learned about Asian cultures and customs by attending seminars at my local library. These are sessions that would easily be going for hundreds of dollars, yet offered gratis at the local library.  The local library is a hidden gem in every city.

Who knew libraries could be so darn exciting?


Storytelling with Stamps Activity 

child using stamps

This activity adds a load of fun to storytelling and story writing. Stamps are an excellent way to activate your kids’ creative juices and keep those kool-aid stained smiles on their faces.

  • First, you need to gather different sets of stamps. They have animal stamp sets, flower stamp sets, zoo animals, even fairy garden stamps. First, check if the library has them. If not, check for used ones on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. I have used these apps many times and located cheap, sometimes free, craft utensils. Also, grab a jumbo multi-color stamp pad (you can find some cheap ones online) and storytelling paper that is ideal for illustrating stories. If you want to save a buck, skip the storytelling paper and just grab your standard computer paper.
  • You can stamp out pictures on the paper and ask your child to write a story depicting them. They can fill the stamps with extra colors and can add details by drawing other stuff between the stampings. It is a lot of fun to watch your child’s brain in action.
  • When they make a mistake, you can correct their spelling and grammar so that their skills improve. Your kids will be having so much fun they won’t even realize they’re actually learning stuff too.

Happy storytelling!

Field Trip & Activity: Adventures in the Local Library

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