Why You Should Talk to Your Baby Every Chance You Get

Hi, Mommy. How was your night? Are your eyes burning because I kept you up all night or did you get your benzoyl peroxide cream to close to your eyes again? I hope you’ve had your coffee because I’d like you to read me, The Pout Pout Fish, 63 more times.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if your child just stood up in its crib and substituted its “come get me already” morning cry with this calm and pleasant conversation instead?


Just because your baby can’t engage in conversation, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk regularly with your baby.

You should talk to your baby every chance you get.

According to Stanford University’s Anne Fernald, the leading researcher in infant-directed speech, “babies that are spoken to regularly in an engaging and nurturing way tend to develop faster word-processing skills, or the ability to follow a sentence from one object or setting to another. This word processing speed, in turn, directly relates to the development not just of vocabulary and language skills, but also memory and nonverbal cognitive abilities.”

Mothers should hold real conversations with their baby, just as they would with their BFF. Maybe, just hold the sex talk and griping about work woes to a minimum. Talk a little more about colors, shapes, ask why they must always poo the second you change their diaper. That sort of stuff. You catch my drift?

Your little one is paying attention and becoming knowledgeable about words and the world around them before they even start talking themselves.

Don’t feel silly. I talk to my daughter all day. On the couch. In the car. In Aldi’s. On the walking path in the local forest preserve. While taking care of business on the loo. Literally all day.

If you’re not much of a conversationalist, find a good book, the newspaper, or heck, read the ingredients on the bottle of that cold-brew that lives in your hand. (cold-brew coffee, people. Not beer.) The point is to just talk to your child consistently.

Babies are smarter than they look. Don’t let the drooling, babbling, and obsession with Caillou fool you. Talk to your baby, even if you have to read The Pout Pout Fish 63 more times.

Author: Brandi Wiatrak

Hey, Mama! I'm Violet's mom and Chris' step-mama, Brandi. This space is a peek into my cold-brew fueled life navigating motherhood and the world. With brutal honesty, humor, and sarcasm, I talk about the joys (and sucks) of parenting, ways to live a simple & sane life, and awesome adventures to embark on with your family. Come aboard my crazy train! Wine and Gerber Puffs included.

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  1. I’ve been told that I could talk a leg off a chair or talk underwater so I was forever talking to my children. Children like predictability & like to know what is happening so I thought it would put them at ease, especially when we were going to unusual places. A lot of my dialogue was little made up songs too

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