Why You and Your Child Should Be Outside Right Now

“Mom, can I get just ten more minutes, puhleassssse? I just found a port-a-fort!”

If you’ve been hearing this request lately, you’re not alone. Video games, like Fortnite, have captured young minds across the world, prompting kids to stay indoors glued to their flat-screens.

While playing video games are fine in moderation, we have a major epidemic today. Kids barely want to be outdoors.

The typical American child is said to spend 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured play outdoors, and over 7 hours a day in front of a screen.

To help your child become the best version of themselves, it is important to get them outdoors. Trekking through forest preserves or even just a brisk walk through a vibrant, tree-lined neighborhood can work wonders. For the sake of sanity and to maintain our energy levels, it is especially vital for Mamas too.

Many studies show that nature can increase energy, relieve stress, encourage exercise, and help alleviate mental illness. Nature is serene, affordable, and more accessible than commercial medicine. And, I’m sure you’ll agree that walking under green majestic tree canopies brings you more joy than staring at a living room floor overwhelmed with toys and the rat-a-tat of a video game in the next room.

Most research agrees that children who spend more time in nature are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend most of their time indoors.

In this ever-changing world, our society would truly benefit by spending their precious time breathing in fresh air and basking in nature.

Mamas, slap on your sneakers, grab your children, and show them what a real fort looks like.

Where are your favorite places to play outdoors?

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Author: Brandi Wiatrak

Hey, Mama! I'm Violet's mom and Chris' step-mama, Brandi. This space is a peek into my cold-brew fueled life navigating motherhood and the world. With brutal honesty, humor, and sarcasm, I talk about the joys (and sucks) of parenting, ways to live a simple & sane life, and awesome adventures to embark on with your family. Come aboard my crazy train! Wine and Gerber Puffs included.

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