The New IT Thing: Ultrasound Art

The New IT Thing: Ultrasound Art

Adiós creepy 3D ultrasounds of orange aliens, hello vibrant babies in wombs of art!

For those mothers interested in an ultrasound worthy of a museum display, your prayers have been answered. Mama of three, Laura Steerman, has mastered the beauty of life. Literally.

Laura wasn’t impressed with the standard black-and-white cookie cutter scans she was receiving for her daughter, so she decided to step it up a notch. Voila! The birth of hand-painted portraits of the baby in the womb.

Friends and family were so impressed with her vibrant creations they started asking her to paint their sonograms.

After viewing the sonograms, and gathering the mother’s feedback about her baby’s personality, Laura will create a one-of-a-kind painting of your little utero inhabitant.

You and your future child will cherish this handcrafted womb of art so much more.  Bonus: no nightmares of a squished orange alien baby!

You can view Laura’s works here.

*This post is merely to educate mamas on a cool new idea, this mama is not receiving a kickback, hug, nada for this post. 

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