About Me

Ahoy, Mamas and Mateys!

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here! If you’re a travel aficionado hoping to learn about a new locale to explore, a mama looking for ideas and tips on how to stay sane and cultured with your littles, or perhaps, you just want to revel in the dirty, happy, and crazy journey that we call mommyhood, you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m Brandi Wiatrak and I’m sort of obsessed with everything related to travel, adventure, and weird. After trekking in Mexico in my early twenties, I was inspired to become a travel agent. After nearly eight years of researching and booking other individual’s travels, I wanted to see more of the world.

Brandi in Brussels www.theculturedbaby.world #motherhood #travel

I climbed the Pyramids of Giza. Ate with nutty Irishmen in the Isles. Then, I moved to Madrid, Spain where sangria, croquetas, and español melodies flowed like the Mississippi River.

Once the current slowed, I returned to the city by the bay, San Francisco, California. It wasn’t long before I felt stuck in a rut, the crazy rat-race was starting to wear on me. I decided to jump on the road in my old pick-up truck, armed with only a few possessions: books, clothes, and dark chocolate. A week later, I arrived in the land of deep-dish pizza, hot dogs sans ketchup, and funny accents: Chicago!

Reminiscent of a blockbuster movie, I met an amazing, chivalrous single father (who also LOVED to travel), fell in love, and got hitched.

Husband and Wife
My partner-in-crime Jason and I decked out (we normally don’t look like this)

Then one day, it happened.

I became a mother

Family Picture
My handsome step-son Christopher and my beautiful daughter Violet

And …the comment floodgates opened. 

You’ll finally have to slow down with all that traveling?”

“Wait, YOU are going to be a mother??”

“This is going to be hilarious to watch!”

“Are you serious??”

The Cultured Baby was born to revel with mothers about the messy, fun, and hilarious journey through motherhood with the mission of staying sane, happy, and cultured. And, to prove that YOU CAN still be your same adventurous  & awesome self, with or without kiddos in tow.

Plan that trip to Costa Rica, go balls to the wall buying crafting goodies at the Dollar Store, or Netflix and chill until the cows come home. I’m not a judgy Janet. Mommin’ ain’t easy, let’s do it together! 

I love to hear from my fellow mamas (come over, I have good wine), so please holler at my fam and I on Instagram, Facebook or just drop us a line here.

Peace, ♥, and sanity,