25 Virtual Expeditions Your Kids Won’t Want To Miss

Explore the World With Virtual Field Trips

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Sometimes it is a major production to leave the house with your little ones.

Hold up.

Let me start over.

It is always a major production when mom leaves the house with the kids.

You use every drop of energy on getting the kids fed, dressed, and out the door with their snacks, diapers, spare clothes, strollers, and shoes on the right feet.

Don’t forget the drinks and mobile car chargers for the tweens and teens!

And it seems most days you aren’t even down the block before a tantrum ensues.

You know the scene very well, my friend.

While I’d much rather be traipsing through an international festival devouring exotic treats, grubbing on gelato in a Roman town square, or walking the aisles of Target, sometimes it just isn’t possible.

But fear not.

You and your child can still explore the sights, learn about the world, and discover fun educational gems without even setting foot outside your home.

Taking a virtual field trip is an awesome way to enrich and enhance your child’s learning and inspire her creativity and imagination.

Virtual field trips can also help your child to visualize information in a new way and can have a positive effect on their ability to retain information.

Lastly, your family may learn about places you may never have the opportunity to explore otherwise, and the best part of all…these 25 virtual field trips don’t cost a thing!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

There are many virtual adventures out there, but these 25 virtual field trips are, hands down, the best I’ve encountered thus far. As I come across new faves, I will be sure to add them here, so be sure to pin or bookmark this article for later.

virtual field trip to zoo, virtual field trip to beach, virtual field trip to white house, virtual field trip to the pyramids

From virtual museum tours to virtual field trips to the aquarium, and even the wonders of the world, this comprehensive list has you covered.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your online cultural adventures.

1. Take a moment to explore the URL before allowing your children to venture out on their virtual field trip. * You want to make sure you feel comfortable with all that is displayed. While I never encountered any issues exploring these sites, it’s possible to see a booby or booty here or there when viewing art or a fantastic historical artifact.

2. Find virtual field trips that tie into what your kiddo is fascinated with or currently learning.

3. Start and close each field trip with a discussion or little lesson to help them establish a link between the teaching and their virtual field trip experience. The discussion will also help cement in the details, facts, and figures learned during their virtual adventure.

4. Just as you would if you were wandering the otherworldly grounds of Giza, lead your kids through their virtual adventure. Point things out, ignite excitement in what they’ve just seen, ask questions to get their brain stewing.

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Whether you’re a teacher looking for the perfect social studies virtual field trip, a family who enjoys learning about the world, or just a mom cooped up indoors trying to entertain her kids, here are 25 of the best virtual field trip ideas to embark on.

5. For the older kiddos who loathe spending extra time with the parental units, consider investing in a virtual reality headset. They will enjoy the elevated 3D experience, and they can always use the headset later for watching movies independently, such as when you finally take that big trip abroad.

Visit the National Aquarium

Take your children on a swim with the fish, dolphins, and baby sharks in this virtual aquatic environment. But first, let me set the tempo, so we are all in unison…

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo

Discover an Elizabethan Tudor Style Home in Bristol

In this virtual tour, you can visit a 15th century home built in England during the reign of Elizabeth 1. If you love history, magnificence, and charm, you’ll love exploring this architectural beauty.  

Explore the National Museum of Natural History

From navigating the hall full of fossils to learning about human origins and African artifacts, you’ll feel like a history pro long before you finish your comprehensive tour. The virtual tour of the permanent exhibitions is our fave!

Their website also features an amazing interactive children’s section that will bound to keep your kids busy and entertained. Fun fact: This is the cool museum featured in the Night at the Museum movies featuring the funny Ben Stiller and beloved Robin Williams.  

Take a Trip to the North Pole

Stay in the warmth and comfort of your own home as you explore the North Pole. See who lives there, check out the icebergs, and even an old abandoned station.

family sitting together smiling with mountains and trees in background

Wander Europe, Central America, South America, Africa and Beyond

Tour the Eiffel Tour or even visit a tea farm in Cameroon on these National Geographic kid’s expeditions. Don’t forget to take some of the funny quizzes, learn something “weird, but true,” and attempt one of the cool science experiments featured in their Science Lab section.

The Buckingham Palace

Leap over to the land of crumpets and tea for a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace and discover the beauty and grandeur of Britain’s royal residence and home of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Witch House, Salem Home of Judge Jonathan Corwin

Check out the Witch House, home of famous witchcraft trials judge, Jonathan Corwin.

It is the only house still standing that has a connection to the Salem Witch Trials. Though he wasn’t a witch, his home is just as creepy as one!

Tour the Collection at The National Gallery of Art 

Search for leading art pieces by artist, title, or subject. Open your child’s eyes to the variety of art, and perhaps, create similar works of art once you’ve finished your gallery tour.

Visit the Holocaust Museum

Find pictures, videos, and art from the Holocaust Museum’s online exhibition and student education portal. Children can “reconstruct the lives of school children who fell victim to the Holocaust” as well as to conduct their research to trace the steps of four different Jewish refugees.   

Scope Out the White House South Lawn and Ground Floor

Join this neat expedition to get a look at present-day White House. See if you can spot the Secret Service car hiding out in the background!

Embark on an Agricultural Field Trip

Tour different kinds of farms to learn more about agriculture and current farming technology. For the big kids, there are some neat interactive “digital explorations” to help teach about the different phrases found on food labels, such as grass-fed, cage-free, and certified organic, and why they matter.

Tour the Pyramids of Egypt

Be instantly transported to the Sphinx and ancient Egyptian pyramids. They are an engineering feat! It feels as if Cleopatra and King Tut are going to come walking around the corner.

the great wall of china virtual field trip

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Go on an Egyptian Tomb Adventure with National Museums Scotland

Featuring simple entertaining puzzles involving maps and hieroglyphs that take you down inside the tomb of a pyramid, you will learn all about the Egyptian gods, artifacts, and mummies. At the end of your adventure, you’ll even receive a neat printable certificate of completion.

Visit Online Exhibitions from the Natural History Museum in London

Discover the world through film, “from the search for life on other planets to the challenges facing Earth today” directly from the scientists themselves. You can even explore one of their cool craft tutorials.

Go Back in Time with Historical Exhibits from Colonial Williamsburg

View restorations of paintings, historical threads, inspect different types of currency and explore colonial maps. Our favorites were the beautiful woven wear and purses made of silk and linens. Today’s fashion truly can’t compete.

Explore the Seven New Wonders of the World

This breathtaking collection contains unique aerial views of the new seven wonders of the world. The view from the Taj Mahal and Roman Coliseum is beyond amazing! If you don’t have the travel bug, you soon will.

Walk the Great Wall of China

Although the Great Wall is located in the Seven New Wonders collection above, this 360-degree tour is so, so cool on its own. You can even advance on the wall as if you’re walking there in the flesh.

Visit the San Diego Zoo

Watch the giraffe pull a leaf off a tree branch with her 20-inch tongue or visit an elephant as she frolics in the water with her baby. All via LIVE CAM! Plus, there are super fun arts and crafts ideas with directions, like creating a “swinging monkey” or “beary” cute ornament.

Climb Mt. Everest

Showcasing panoramas, photo galleries, and bucket loads of interesting facts, your kids can make their very own virtual climb of this majestic mountain.

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Take in The Vatican

Nothing is more stunning the works of art created by Michelangelo and Raphael. Explore the Sistine Chapel, and many other fascinating sculptures, statues, and notable art that adorns the rooms and halls. You will be amazed!

Visit the Plimoth Plantation

Explore the Plimoth Plantation and interact with some of its people. You even get the chance to become a history detective and learn what happened at the First Thanksgiving. 

Explore the Wildlife of Yellowstone Park National Park

Not a real virtual tour in the traditional sense, but they do feature neat webcams from all areas of the park, including Old Faithful Geyser. You may be lucky to catch a black bear, herd of bison, or even a moose!  

Behold the Holy Lands

Featuring some of the most glorious shots of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Mount of Beatitudes, and beyond, this virtual reality experience will impress even those who aren’t much of the religious type.

Walk the Battlefields of Gettysburg

Traverse the monuments and battlefields of Gettysburg, where the Union victory ended General Robert E. Lee’s most ambitious invasion of the North, a significant turning point for the American Civil War. Gettysburg also served as inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln’s immortal “Gettysburg Address,” one of the most well-known speeches in American History.  

Jaunt to The Louvre in Paris

Experience a 360-degree panoramic view of many of the famed museum’s halls, different departments, and architectural sights. Some of the rooms featured in this virtual tour are even closed to the public! Who says you need to travel to Paris to get cultured?

*Please note you may need to have Adobe Flash or QuickTime Player to run some of the virtual feeds or interactive simulations. I recommend using the full-screen option for the best experience.

What other virtual field trips or indoor cultural activities would you recommend?

pryamids and the sphinx

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